Built For Living.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, and a quality construction process, provides more value and home for your money. Let us know how we can create a home with the safety and comfort based features your family requires.

Designed For You.

At Van’s Construction you have the chance to find or build your dream home. There are endless possibilities. We offer comfortable living, through our builds that create inviting spaces for your family.

Why Choose Van's?

Van’s Realty and Construction is the leader in home construction, with anywhere from 60 to 110 homes built in northeast Wisconsin any given year. Our building volume translates into lower costs for you. But that doesn’t mean we skimp on materials or service, we’re thee recommended builder by area appraisers, building inspectors, lenders and real estate agents.

We offer more than 300 plus lots to build on, in locations throughout the region. So whether you’re a first-time buyer interested in a model home, or looking for a custom home built to your specifications, we can make it happen.

Van’s Realty and Construction, honored as builder of the year, proud to bring the dream of homeownership to life everyday for families like yours.